All students should familiarize themselves with the basic software tools listed below before applying to join the group.The activities of TCSC make intensive use of these tools, which are standard in modern theoretical physics and mathematics.

Essential tools

Scientific papers are typeset in LaTeX. Scientific presentations are usually prepared in Beamer, which is a LaTeX document class (the GAP template for Beamer is available from the Group Coordinators). Some collaborations use Overleaf. A useful tool for merging and comparing files is Meld. It is common for groups working on collaborative projects to use file hosing services such as Dropbox or pCloud. A classic text editor is Emacs, though some people may prefer another.

Operating systems

Most theoretical physicists use some flavor of Linux, though many mathematicians swear on the Mac. Information on computer security can be found here.

GDPR notice

The TCSC webpages are hosted on the servers of the Horia Hulubei Institute. Students who wish to become members must sign the GDPR form of that institution, which is available from the Group Coordinators.