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We are an enthusiastic group of young researchers and higher education teachers based in Bucharest who are passionate about TED and generating "Ideas Worth Spreading". We have dedicated our time on organizing a special event TEDxCERN@IFIN-HH for those who believe in the power of ideas, who have a vision about the future of academic and scientific community and who wish to be part of a better and safer future.



Organising Committee:


IFIN-HH:  Bogdan Popovici, Ion Burducea, Mihai Straticiuc, Andrei Neacsu, Alexandra Tudorache, Valentina Tudorache,                  Mihai Cuciuc

FPSE:     Anca Borzea, Cosmina Mironov, Mihaela Carpea

ISS:        Gina Isar, Eliza Teodorescu, Oana Sandu

FFUB:     Vasile Bercu

INFLPR:  Maximilian Teodorescu



Adrian Socolov, Gabriel Ioan, Andrei Popa




In the mediaPhotos

17.05 Conference DAY!  

16.05 "Stiinta si invatarea autentica"- Radio Romania Cultural, MediaUB, HotNews,

13.05 We are now opening free registration!

30.04 Prima conferinta TEDxCERN vine si in Romania! 

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About TED

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. A TED talk must have a new idea.


About TEDx

is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.



 objectives are: to raise awareness about real impact of science in society, to increase opportunities for interaction scientists community / non-scientific actors


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